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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Muzzleloader Pictures

Not really too much to write about other than I went out into the woods with my muzzleloader.

I jumped a deer on my walk in Saturday afternoon.

I didn't see any others...

I took pictures instead...

Getting settled in to hunt Saturday afternoon

No deer, so might as well take a picture of my gun.

I wish this stump was a deer. I would shoot it and then eat some of it's meat.

Looking forward & into the woods

View toward the east side of the property

Turning around and looking south west. There's a ground blind in the picture. Can you see it?
The moon is very bright tonight, something just doesn't seem right because I hear geese in flight, this afternoon I should've just flown a kite.

Back at it the next morning, different spot, same result.

The only buck deer I seen. I gave him a pass.

Time to unload the gun & head home. Responsibilities.

Bullet hit about 2 inches high at 55 yards. I wish this jug was a deer. It would've got shot by my gun which would have made it dead. Then I would've eaten some of it for lunch. Mmmm.


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