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Monday, January 30, 2012

1-28-12 Morning Bowhunt at the G Farm

With the bow season just about run down to the wire, my wife probably getting ready to shoot me, and our busy social / family schedule beggar's can't be choosers as to when they can get out and hunt. I had an opening this morning and decided to take it. What the hell, the worst thing that can happen is I go sit outside and don't see any deer. Plus I needed to freshen up the trail camera attractant and see if there is anything still hanging around the area. My son & I rolled out of the house later than I wanted, we arrived after shooting light, and there wasn't a track to be found anywhere in the freshly fallen snow as we made our way to the ground blind.

So.... I took pictures. What else was I gonna do?

Our spot for a very brief morning hunt today...

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The view out the front window...

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The shooting window to the sweet spot...

The coons have been tearing this thing up. They had it rolled about 15 feet from the spot in front of the camera. It's a block with molasis, corn, and a bunch of other stuff that deer apparently do not give a rats ass about...

How do you keep a 1st grader quiet in the ground blind? Upload Angry Birds to your phone and hand it over...

Where's the deerz?!?! I'm hungry!!! My toes are cold!!! What time is it anyway?!?! Can we leave at 9:00?!?!

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So after sticking it out for a whole hour and 45 minutes, and looking through the lack of deer pictures from the trail camera's memory card, we decided to make the move...

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Best decision of the morning.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Muzzleloader Pictures

Not really too much to write about other than I went out into the woods with my muzzleloader.

I jumped a deer on my walk in Saturday afternoon.

I didn't see any others...

I took pictures instead...

Getting settled in to hunt Saturday afternoon

No deer, so might as well take a picture of my gun.

I wish this stump was a deer. I would shoot it and then eat some of it's meat.

Looking forward & into the woods

View toward the east side of the property

Turning around and looking south west. There's a ground blind in the picture. Can you see it?
The moon is very bright tonight, something just doesn't seem right because I hear geese in flight, this afternoon I should've just flown a kite.

Back at it the next morning, different spot, same result.

The only buck deer I seen. I gave him a pass.

Time to unload the gun & head home. Responsibilities.

Bullet hit about 2 inches high at 55 yards. I wish this jug was a deer. It would've got shot by my gun which would have made it dead. Then I would've eaten some of it for lunch. Mmmm.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Blind move at the M2 farm

New Year's Eve had my son & I headed out for the last bowhunt of the year, with hopes of at least seeing a deer, and possibly getting drawn back on one.

Weather conditions for the afternoon were again very unDecember like for Ohio: With a morning low of 39 and an afternoon high of 46 it would at least be comfortable for my little guy to join me in the ground blind. The skies were overcast with rain on the way. Barometric pressure was holding around 30.10 but would be dropping over night. Probably when the deer were on their feet and moving. The moon would be moving into the first quarter phase on January 1st.

We arrived plenty early in the afternoon, allowing us time to get dressed and slowly make the walk in so that we didn't break a sweat. Like I said, it was in the mid 40's so it could be fairly easy to get over heated rushing around. My son & I got the the ground blind, quickly pulled the stakes, collapsed the sides & tops in on themselves then carried it another hundred yards up hill and towards the tip top of the lower corn field. The new set up has us situated on a high point along the southern edge of the cut corn. Deer normally bed in the neighboring block of woods to the north and travel through this property. The blind has 2 trails to either side that enter the small triangle of woods on the M2 farm. Either trail is under a 15 yard shot.

We sat until half an hour past sunset, whispering back and forth for 99% of the afternoon. Any deer with a slightest bit of hearing probably wasn't going to show, but we had a good time regardless. The blind was brushed in, the camera was set up, and now we'll let the spot rest for a week or so before hunting it again. Hopefully a camera check here in the meantime will help guide us toward the best time to hunt this spot. With plenty of waste grain still available, fresh sign shows that the deer are still in here with some degree of regularity. Plus this spot being an Urban Zone spot means that I can still use that antlerless tag wasting away in my wallet.

Always snack time in the blind.

One of the many fresh tracks near the new set up.

View to the east toward the very tip of the field.

View to the north west from out of the front of the blind.