Monday, August 20, 2012

Second Camera check 8/19/12

I was excited to get out this past weekend after letting the camera's have a good three week soak over the mineral sites. With the two cameras at the same farm, and placed at opposite corners of the property I was hoping to add to the inventory list for some of this season's target bucks. That's exactly what happened with the appearance of a very nice buck still to be named...

He easily makes the target list for this property, so hopefully he'll stay close and not wander onto some of the neighboring ground once season gets underway. The first pictures of him were at the back corner, which is like the toe of a boot, adjoining the neighboring bock of woods to the south east.

Next, a week later he was captured up on the outside corner near the other mineral site. He's got a distinguishable little kicker coming off of his right G2 that you can see in the picture below.

Then again, coming back to the site the next day. This picture really seems to make his legs look short & stubby compared to his body. As the rut approaches, and his neck starts to blow up, he's going to look like a bus. Hey, wait a second... let's call him Bettis.

Trent was also very photogenic when he was visiting the outside corner site. Just wish he would pick his head up and hold still for some better pictures of him. These are some of the better ones.

With Trent's front legs down in the mineral site, it really shows how much the deer have dug down.

Unfortunately, no pictures of Corso were taken this time around, but plenty of shots of Flat Top were captured. Flat Top looks to have added a bit more width and a little bit of tine length since his video footage in July was taken. Hopefully he makes it through the hunting season this year so I can see what he turns into next year. If he's able to add some tine length to the width he already has, he'll be a very nice deer. Hopefully Corso is also still out there roaming around, and is just a bit camera shy. I did notice that he seemed to be leery of the IR light front the camera, so perhaps he's just lurking off to the side.