Sunday, February 27, 2011

One season closes and the next begins

It's been a few weeks since the close of the 2010 - 2011 hunting season has passed, well technically speaking rabbits can still be chased for another day, and there are coyotes to pursue year round. However, this time of the year my hunting season is pretty much in the books. It's when I get caught up on the family time that has been somewhat sacrificed, all of the "honey-do's" that have been added to the ever growing list my wife keeps for me, as well as start my planning for the next fall. Sure I get out and try to shed hunt and scout, but free time starts to get hard to come by.

So with that said, I figured I should take a few minutes and start to put down some of the idea for next hunting season, as well start my own off-season "To Do List" in order to hold myself accountable.

The ever growing "To Do" list that I'll be keeping for myself. This is the fun stuff though...
  • Knock on a few doors before turkey season starts on April 18th. Maybe if I get lucky and land a spot close to home, I'll get out and do some turkey hunting this spring. If not, oh well.
  • Try to gain one new property to bow hunt this fall by June.
  • Try to gain at least one new property to hunt geese on this fall.
  • Decoys - Get some of the guys together in July to touch up the paint on the goose decoys. 
  • Timber - Take him out at least twice a month, to different areas for advanced training drills.
  • Tree stands - repaint my hang on stand & ladder sticks from the M-1 property, and check it's overall condition. 
  • Life Lines - make life line / prusik knot systems to leave in place for each stand site I plan to set up next season. 
  • Maximize the performance of my bow. (The is a whole other subject I'll probably write about in greater detail later)
I guess that's it for now. I'm sure as time goes on I'll have more things added to the list, I always do.