Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick evening hunt

Facing east and walking towards tonight's stand.

With vacation kicking in officially next week, I decided to head out for a quick sit this evening after tying up as many loose ends as I could. With only a few hours of daylight available on stand it was going to be a short hunt, but it's November, and anytime you're on stand something can happen.

Weather conditions at the M2 Farm tonight: Clear skies with winds blowing steady out of the E NE around 15mph, with gusts upwards of 30 mph. Barometric pressure was holding at 30.06.

These wouldn't be left standing for much longer.

The spot I decided to hunt is the intersection of a long fence row that runs east to west, and a V shaped block of woods that is wider to the south and narrows as it points north into this farm. The woods always funnel deer movement in this area, and with the double inside corner it creates the deer also like to cross through this general area. The field to the north of the fence row is planted in corn which is still standing and probably acting as both a bedding and feeding area for the deer, with the larger field to the south planted in beans. This particular section of woods is also full of oak trees, but the acorn production is pretty light this year.

Only a yearling buck was spotted tonight as he crossed within bow range of my double inside corner stand. I watched as he navigated his way through the corner section of knocked down corn, across the section of woods, and into a fallow field. A short time later the bean field that I walked along was being cut down as the combine fired up and mowed through the field like a giant lawn mower. I hoped that all the commotion would kick up a few deer my way, but that just wasn't the case tonight.

Sunset from the stand.

Time to start planning out the hunt for tomorrow morning...

Combine lights off in the distance at the end of the hunt.

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