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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11/08/11 Morning Hunt & another camera move

Returned to the G farm where I had left my stand in from the night before. I had been watching the weather forecast and figured on hunting till late morning, climbing down, moving the cameras, then making the call on whether to stick it out all day, or head home for an afternoon with the family. With the deer action all but nonexistent, temperatures pushing mid to upper 60's, and my snack supply looking sparse, I headed in for lunch.

Weather conditions: Morning lows were cool and in the upper 40's but the heat rolled in about mid morning and continued to climb up into the upper 60's by the time I was walking out to the truck. Winds were out of the S between 6 and 15 mph. Barometric pressure around 30.14 with mostly clear skies. The full moon is two days away.

Really not much to write up about this hunt. Even the squirrels were loafing around and not their usual selves. If it wasn't for the weather being so damn comfortable for a morning spent 20 feet up in a tree, and the thought that it's still the rut, and anything can happen at any given moment, I probably wouldn't have stayed in the woods so long. The only highlights were listening to two owls hoot back & forth to one another as the sun was lighting up the sky, and the flock of wood ducks that came screaming over top of my tree like a set of fighter jets.

Wednesday is preparation & packing the truck day, with the rain probably making for a long day to sit in the tree anyway. Then after dinner with the family, it's off to deer camp for a few days with the weather looking like it's going to taking a turn for the colder and better. Let's hope so...

Too hot to hunt... pack it up.
For the cameras I moved one over a primary scrape that is still seeing some action. Not sure for how much longer the bucks will be hitting this one up, but figured I'd freshen it up a bit myself, hang a camera and see what happens. This scrape is located on an outside corner. Standing at this scrape, to the west is a bean field, turn to the north and there is standing corn. The deer have a path mowed down going into the corn, and they're definitely going in, knocking down the stalks and devouring some corn.

Freshened scrape, facing west with standing beans beyond the trees.

Walking north from the scrape and into the corn. It's mowed down in here the whole length of the woods.

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