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Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Fishing with My Son

The days spent fishing last year with my son have really seemed to light a fire in him. It's beyond great to see him take to fishing like he's done, but it also probably helps that he's gotten access to some pretty prime farm ponds too! Regardless of that, each time we get out to wet a line, he's ready for more the next day. Having just gotten home from a trip to NE Ohio with some fishing & swimming at Uncle Rich's place, one of the first things out of his mouth at breakfast this morning was, "Can we go up to Mr. Brown's to go fishing today Dad?" How great is that?

Here's a sampling of some pictures from the past few months that have seemingly flown right by in the blink of an eye...

These were taken one evening when at the dinner table, he was asking, and asking, and asking when we were gonna go fishing. We finished eating, grabbed our gear, and headed out to the pond down the road for a quick adventure before bedtime. I think he landed about 6 or so fish that night. Some gills, and a few bass, while I mostly tied on different lures for him to try out, and took pictures of him with his catch.

Somebody else must think this is a pretty good spot too.

Next time out was at Uncle Rich's house towards the early part of July. Both my son & daughter got in on the fishing action this time around, but for some reason I didn't snap as many pictures. Fish were caught & released, but the smiles were keepers for sure.

One of the many bluegills that were landed at Uncle Rich's.
Then, most recently we were back at Uncle Rich's again for some family gatherings, and of course more fishing was on the itinerary. We managed the usual gills & sunfish that pound for pound fight better than any other fish in North America, but my son capped off the weekend with a nice lunker of a bass.

We were off on the western edge of the pond when a big splash caught his attention over by the dock. Armed with his Ultra Light rod & reel, and an 1/8 ounce jig tipped with a white Mr. Twister, he looked up at me and said, "There's a big fish over there Dad, let's go catch him!" Off we went, making our way over toward the dock where he proceeded to flip the bail over, securing the line against the rod's handle with his finger, before casting the jig at the ripples on the water. A cast or two later, as he's reeling up the line, his pole suddenly doubles over and the line cuts a powerful streak through the water, heading the opposite direction of the 6 year old boy pulling back on the other end of the rod & reel connection. He muscles the fish close to shore and I reach down and pluck it from the water for him. Eyes wide, and smiling from ear to ear, "See, I told ya Dad, I knew I could catch a BIG fish!!"

Another nice pan fish caught by my Lil Buddy.

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