Saturday, August 27, 2011

First camera check of the summer

Man... is time just flying by this summer or what? In just a few short weeks archery season will be upon us, and within just days, early goose, dove, and squirrel start up on September 1st. Time has been elusive lately to say the least...

Headed out two weeks ago and checked one trail camera for the first time this summer (at the "M" farm), and then went to a new property I just got permission to hunt (the "G" farm) and hung a second camera. Tagging along with me that day was my son, who was an absolute trooper. We put some miles on the rubber boots that day, and even had to break out the rain coats to keep dry from the scattered showers that blew through. All in all it was a great time spent outdoors with my lil buddy. The trail camera pics didn't reveal anything special in the way of a monster buck lurking in the shadows, but I know he's there...

Here's just a few of the pics I snapped along the way, along with some of the trail camera pictures from the "M" farm...

Nice doe we watched on the way to the "G" farm.
Huge Sycamore at the "M" farm

"You lookin' at me?"

It'll be fun to watch this guy develop over the next few seasons.

Not sure if this is the same buck as above, but could be another one with future potential.

I've never seen a groundhog climb a tree before. Who knew?
So, nothing too exciting in the way of deer pictures, but it was a fun day to say the least. My son helped move the camera at the "M" farm to a new location along the field edge where we've seen some good deer movement into the bean field. We actually watched 5 bucks in a bachelor group mill around near the spot we hung the camera just recently. One of them was definitely a real good buck. Hopefully this weekend's camera check will reveal that monster we're after... if not, it'll still be quality time spent outdoor!!!

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