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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome home Honey!!!

No, not the mount (although I'm happy as hell to have gone & picked it up today).

Little back ground here: My wife has a "No dead stuff" rule for the first floor of the house. All my racks, mounts, sheds, hunting decor etc. is down stairs in the man cave. Which I'm OK with for the most part, but my buck from this season is my best yet, and I've always said if I shot a BIG buck that he's going above the fireplace. The wife usually just rolls her eyes... which is her common reaction with most of the stuff I say anyway.

So fast forward to the current: The wife left on Wednesday to help out with her Mom who just had neck surgery. Sunday morning she will be leaving NE Ohio to head back home and relieve me of my Mr. Mom duties. Just so happens that I get a text from my buddy saying that my mount is done. I can come up on Saturday and pick it up.

Well, it's been said say timing is everything, and I'd have to agree in a case like this. Here's some pictures of my Veteran's Day Buck from last fall. Properly displayed with great dignity above the fireplace. So now, where's the bourbon?

The view from the side.
View from the couch.
View from the front door.
I'm thinking that when she sees my impressive decorating skills she'll probably want to send the kids off for a play date, so she can tear my clothes off in front of the fire place and proceed to make mad, passionate love to me just like they do in those fancy romance movies.

Then again maybe not so much....

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