Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Goose hunt of the year, December 30th 2010

We let the field rest for a few days to let the birds calm back down a bit, and with weather patterns holding relatively steady the thought was that the field should produce another good hunt this week. The thought process was right....

Weather conditions: getting a bit warmer than it has been with the low for the day being in the lower 30's then heating up into the lower 40's by the afternoon. Light precipitation and overcast skies made for ideal conditions keeping the birds low, and limiting their vision. The wind was the tough part, blowing out of the SSE, and only between 5 - 10 mph on average. A few gusts blew from time to time, but the lack of wind held some of the birds up from locking their wings and gliding right in.

Again, we decided to sleep in a bit and got to the field at about 8:00am or just slightly before hand. After testing the ground, things still looked solid enough to be able to drive the trucks out into the field to set up the spread. After the first group of geese flew over us we hustled a bit more, and short while later the decoys were unloaded, blinds situated and we were ready to hunt. Guess the geese didn't get the memo that they were supposed to sleep in too.

With the roost being to the south of us, and our blinds facing the north due to the wind direction, spotting birds was a pain in the neck. Literally, we had to keep turning around and watching the skies so we weren't caught off guard when the birds started to fly. Their flight patterns were generally the same, except some of the groups tended to fly farther off to the east. Hopefully some scouting will help determine if there's another field that way we can hunt.

This time the birds made us work a bit harder. Not as many birds flew this morning, as compared to the previous hunt, combined with the lack of wind, but we still managed to get our four man limit of geese. What a great morning again out in the field with great friends and some good laughs. As a bonus, we even caught the last goose of the day on video!! Can't wait to do it again.

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