Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday 11/06/10 - Bow Hunt

Not much happened in the way of mature buck sightings, but the younger guns are out and about looking for the ladies. Hunted the M2 stand which is situated at the intersection of a very overgrown ditch running into the main fence row, with the creek running parallel to the main fence row.

Weather conditions: Very cold in the morning with the low for the day at around 28 degrees, then warming up into the 40's by the afternoon. Zero precipitation, partly cloudy skies, barometric pressure at 30.92 when I checked it sometime mid morning. Wind was out of the NNW between 5mph - 10mph. All in all it was a very calm morning on stand. Spotted 4 deer. I'm guessing that 3 were buck, and 1 was a doe. 2 of the 4 that I saw were well before legal shooting light at 7:39am. Last day of daylight savings.....

The only close encounter came from a younger 8 point that worked across the middle of the north field into the the ditch. He crossed the ditch at what my range finder reported as 36 yards. Pretty far shot. I personally like to keep the shots under 30 yards even though I practice out farther. Luckily I had time to really look him over and make the decision on whether or not to shoot before he dipped into the ditch and popped out on my side. There would have only been seconds available for a shot opportunity as he stood in my shooting lane only briefly before feeding his way across the field.

After observing several bucks cut across the center of this ditch over the past few years, I have to try and figure out a way to possibly hunt it. There's really no cover to set up a ground blind, and this property would need 15 more years before there's a tree large enough along the ditch to hang a stand. The only thing I can think of is to take a seat, and hunker down in the ditch. Basically laying in wait for a deer to waltz by. Could be something exciting to try in the coming weeks.

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