Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday 11/08/11 - Bow Hunt

It's the first day of vacation this week, and the long term forecast is looking rather craptasticly warm for bow hunting. Hopefully the morning and evening deer movement isn't hampered with the heat moving into Ohio. Oh well, at least I'm not working!

Weather conditions: Things started off cool this morning with temperatures in the lower 30's, but then warming up into the upper 50's by the afternoon. Clear, star filled skies walking into the woods this morning, remained clear as the giant red sun crested the eastern skyline at 7:07am this morning. Making legal shooting light 30 minutes prior to that at 6:37am. Barometric pressure stayed steady at around 30.0 mark throughout most of the hunt, and the day for that matter. Winds were mostly out of the WSW at around 5mph. Very calm day.

I hunted the Mel Woods stand today from my climber. Same tree that I hunted last Sunday when the coulda, woulda, shoulda buck came through. Those thoughts still fresh in my mind had me wondering if things would be different this morning if he stopped by. All total I spotted 5 deer. 2 bucks, and 3 does. Nothing really in shooting range, or in what I would consider the "shooter" category for this property either. Still seeing the younger bucks out cruising. The does I saw were in a group too, which tells me that they're not quite yet ready. I haven't witnessed any chasing going on just yet, although I've been getting reports from other buddies throughout the state that some chasing is starting up. Hopefully the mature bucks start feeling the urge to get out there...

Here's a picture of the buck that was closest to my location today. He skirted the CRP field edge with his nose almost constantly to the ground. Probably within 40 yards of my stand.

Here's a picture of the buck that I would really like to see within bow range instead...

More to come tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a lot of hours spent in the woods this week.

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