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Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 1st Bowhunt

Glad to be back up in a tree!
An opening in the family social schedule appeared on Saturday morning, and having not yet been out on stand there was virtually nothing that was going to stop me. Well, if it was raining really, really, really bad I probably would've slept in, but other than that I had a few stand sites in mind that were begging for a sit. With a couple daylight pictures of G3PO coming from the "M" farm, along with some fresh scrapes and rubs along the fence row that housed my trail camera, I figured that was going to be first choice.

Daylight pictures of G3PO before he shed his velvet.

Weather conditions for Saturday morning: 90% chance of rain throughout the day, but looking at the radar there wasn't anything concerning for the morning hours. Lows in the upper 30's that morning, steadily rising to the upper 50's throughout the day. Barometric pressure held steady at around 30 for most of the morning's hunt. Winds were out of the NW around 15 mph with gusts reaching 30 mph as I climbed down just before 10:00 AM.

Deer sighting for the day were scarce, other than one lone doe that was too far off for any thoughts of a shot with my bow. After a few uneventful hours I decided it was time to climb down, switch out memory cards from the trail camera, and head home for a boys day with my son. Here's the most recent picture of G3PO.

With the beans all yellowed it time to look for the acorns. I think this spot will rest for a bit until the beans fully turn brown and more cruising action starts to take place a few weeks away. Although I'll looking for rainy days to slip in and check the camera to tell me whether or not it's time to hunt here again.

Still a few grren spots left in the beans along the edges

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