Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Opening Weekend 2011

Well opening weekend was pretty much uneventful when it came to putting some fresh venison on the grill and into the freezer. With my son's youth soccer game scheduled for 8:45 in the morning, followed by my nephew's birthday party later in the afternoon, I elected to finish working on the duck blind, and taking the kids shooting. I could have probably climbed into a tree on Sunday morning, but once again, I chose to spend some time with the family around the house since my work travels have picked up quite a bit in the recent weeks with no signs of that changing until November.

Did I want to hunt? Hell yes I did! It's just about all I can think about, and I cannot wait until this Saturday morning with the cooler temperature in the forecast. Hopefully with a little luck I'll be grilling some fresh loins for dinner on Saturday with a celebratory beverage in hand. But last weekend I pulled back on the reigns a bit, and reminded myself that it's a long season....

Some pictures of the kids tagging along with Dad to go fling some arrows...

Taking aim at the target.
Let it fly!!
Not to be out done by big brother. Girls can shoot too!!

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