Friday, March 18, 2011

I need to get out

I guess it's been a little while since I've jumped on here and jotted down my thoughts. There hasn't been much in the way to write about with my lack of outdoor adventures I guess. The primary impulse that continues to persist is that I've just got to get outside and do something. I need the woods. It's like there is this magnetic pull that I constantly feel when I'm driving down the road and looking off into the unplanted fields & stands of timber that border the roadways. My mind wants to take off and wander, urging my feet to follow and explore the land that's out there waiting for me. Or when I'm stuck inside my home office returning voice mails, daydreaming through the babble of conference calls, entering data into reports, all the while being surrounded by reminders of the outdoors hanging on my walls, or sitting on nearby shelves. My mind, and my soul are definitely pulling me elsewhere. I need to get out and feel the dirt and leaves beneath my feet.

Things get pretty tough this time of the year. Cabin fever has been present for way too long, and I need to get outside to see what the woods have to tell me. Work is getting increasingly busy, compounded with the responsibility of catching up on the past few months of neglected honey-do projects, the increasing frequency of kids activities, all of the family obligations, traveling across the country and back for work, and did I mention how busy work is getting? Everything is just adding up, and compressing any amount of available time there is. I need to get out and smell the air changing from winter's bitter grasp to springs softer touch, and feel April's approaching breeze on my face.

But there looks to be a small flicker of light at the end of what feels like a rather long tunnel. This weekend. Hopefully after taking care of a few errands on Saturday morning, I should be able to lace up the boots and stretch my legs for a few hours in warm rays of the afternoon sun. Shed hunting, hiking, taking some pictures, and spending time with my soul's therapist, Mother Nature. She always understands that I need to get out.

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